Multi Activity Holidays

Does the excitement of just sailing not contain you? How about doing something else, such as Scuba diving, Kayaking, walking or Cycling? Sailing offers the perfect accommodation for multiple activities and a great mode of transport between secluded islands, far away from tourist traps.

We work with some fantastic companies who offer organised and guided activities holidays as part of the sailing trips. You have a chance to visit and experience parts of a country that other travellers simply don’t have the opportunity to explore and discover.

The trips below are a handful of our activity sailing holidays. You can also opt for a learn to sail holiday, where you spend a week sailing in somewhere like, Greece, Croatia or Thailand, more details see our Learn to Sail Holidays section.

If some or parts of these trips are of interest then we can also produce a tailored activity holiday programme. You can choose to spend your whole time on a yacht, spend half the time on board and half the time at a hotel or the whole time at a hotel, using the boat as a mode of transport for your activity holiday.

Multi Activity Sailing Packages

Below are example packages of Multi Activity Sailing trips. For more click here.

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