Location, Location, Location. It might be real estate, but it’s equally important for that perfect holiday. If you’re off on a dinghy sailing holiday you need to be going to the right destination.

There’s nothing worse as a complete beginner arriving somewhere looking to learn to sail with a constant force 5 wind blowing off the beach. However equally for an experienced sailor you don’t want to be wallowing in a mill pond for a week.

Equally for some it’s not all about the sailing, if you’re a foodie or a culture vulture then some places could leave you disappointed.

So we’ve compiled a quick guide to our top 5 destinations with details about each of them:

Best for light winds – Greek Ionian Islands

Straight in with a classic! The Greek Ionian Islands have been enticing visitors for decades and it’s all down to the reliable weather. Throughout May and June then again through September and October the Ionian Islands offers a gentle Force 3-4, perfect for couples, groups and young families. The in July and August the wind dies down a little to a Force 2-3, ideal for families and nervous sailors looking for a safe place to learn to sail

Dinghy sailing holidays in the Ionian Islands

Best of Strong winds – Dodecanese Islands

For the adrenaline junkie experienced sailors nothing beats the Dodecanese. With consistent strong breezes you won’t have a problem getting a shift on. We wouldn’t recommend this to novices, but if you like breeze on then it’s an ideal location

Dinghy sailing holidays in the Dodecanese

Best for Culture and Exploration – Croatia

Croatia has long enticed yachties but 2017 saw the opening of the only dinghy resort in Croatia and we don’t know why it’s taken so long! For those who like a bit of culture and exploration with their dinghy sailing holidays then this is the place to be. Mixed with a good gentle wind to attract novices and experienced sailors alike this could be set for the ultimate crown of best destination.

Dinghy Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Best for food – Italy

This was obvious, but it’s true. While the rest of the med is still really delicious, nobody puts as much passion into food as the Italians! You might well need the food though as the winds around the Italian Islands can get a bit strong, so you just have to hike hard!

Dinghy Sailing Holidays in Italy