Yacht racing

One Stop Sailing is one of the largest yacht racing companies in the world. From Cowes Week in the Solent, to the Kings cup in Thailand we have access to racing boats in destinations all over the world for bareboat, skippered and individual berths throughout the year. If you’re looking to get racing then give us a call!

We are very proud of our yacht racing department who have worked hard to develop a wide range of packages suitable for everybody everywhere. You can start as a beginner on a learn to race keel boat course or by entering a day at Cowes Week, then for the more experienced we can offer highly competitive bareboat and skippered yacht charters at all the yacht races.


Below  are some of the major races we can cater for:

:: Round the Island Race

:: Cowes Week

:: Antigua race Week

:: RORC Channel Race Series

:: Solent Weekend Races

:: RORC Fastnet Race

:: Round Britain Race

:: ARC Transatlantic Race

:: RORC Caribbean 600

:: Sydney Hobart


Yacht Racing Disciplines

We can offer all types of racing yacht charter. For more details please see below:

Inshore Yacht Racing

Inshore Yacht Race Charter

Inshore Yacht Races are day long races and can consist of 1, 2, 3 or even 4 races a day. They can be a one off weekend regatta, a solid week long regatta or part of a long race series.

We have a great range of packages and options available for regattas and other inshore races all over the world. You can either charter a whole yacht or an individual berth at most of the regattas.

Offshore Yacht Racing

Offshore Yacht Racing

Either charter or join one of our highly competitive yachts as they compete in a string of offshore races all over the UK and the World.

Racing Offshore is a true test for any sailor. How much and for how long can you push yourself? Thousand mile races are often won or lost by a matter of seconds! They range from weekend cross channel races to legendary week long races including the Fastnet race and the Sydney Hobart Race.

You can either charter an entire yacht or at certain events you can charter a single berth. You don’t have to be a top level racer to join the action. We help many complete novices enter the world of offshore yacht racing for the first time. If you are opting for an individual berth then a skipper and mate will be on hand to ease you into this fascinating world of offshore racing.

Ocean Yacht Racing

Ocean Yacht Racing

This is your opportunity to race across an Ocean, something that is highly achievable yet few have done.

The most popular Ocean race we cater for is the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, (ARC). You can choose to compete on, one of a half dozen yachts through One Stop Sailing, one of the widest selections available.

Yacht Race Training

Yacht Race Training Course

Join one of our dedicated training sessions led by an experienced, competitive and winning coach/skipper

For somebody who’s never raced before it can be tough to get started and learn the skills. At the same time an experienced person might feel they’re not getting the best out of their racing. These courses are designed for everybody looking to learn or improve their racing skills.

Each training sessions will include a skipper/coach who will be there to watch you and explain how you can improve your technique. You will also be welcome to a role that maybe you haven’t done before. This is a great opportunity to practise; make mistakes when they don’t count and get helpful tips so when you’re next racing you’re on top form.

These sessions are run throughout the year and can be run on demand. We can also organise private coaching sessions should you have a private crew you wish to train.


How to get out Yacht Racing

We can offer eveyrthing from a whole boat Bareboat or Skippered charter to individual berths, we’re confident we can get you out racing! Below is a little more information about the main three charter options:


Individual Berth Charter

Fancy racing round the cans this weekend? How about joining a Fast-net/Offshore campaign? This is not only a great way to learn yacht racing, but is also a great way to make friends that will last a life time. We can find your ideal boat, whether you’re a novice looking to learn or an experienced racer looking to win.

Skippered Yacht Race Charter

If you want to charter a race boat with your mates but don’t want the responsibility of skippering the yacht in the races, this is the best solution. All the fun, with a reduced level of responsibility!

Bareboat Yacht Race Charter

For those experienced race skippers looking to enter a single race or run a full campaign. We can supply a range of boats from SB20 (aka Laser SB3) to Benetau 40.7s.