Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Datcha flotilla sailing holiday in TurkeyFlotilla Holidays are great fun for everybody. They are essentially 1 or more yachts (but most likely 5 to 10) following a route most often with a lead boat guiding you. This lead boat will generally consist of at least a skipper and a mechanic with most also including a hostess. During the school holidays some flotillas even include a children’s activities coordinator. More details about the expertise and benefits of the lead crew can be found below.

Flotilla sailing holidays are generally operated out of Greece, Croatia and Turkey with some in the Caribbean. However we can organise group flotillas with anything from 4 boats. You can use the interactive map on the right or explore the destinations below.

Whenever you go on a flotilla holiday you will find it’s very sociable. Outside of the school holidays there is an eclectic group of friends and couples enjoying a flotilla holiday. During school holidays the flotilla sailing holidays are buzzing with activities and are real social hubs for families. With some flotillas hosting family activities coordinators parents can choose whether to enjoy some family time ashore or for the parents to enjoy some precious private time.


Flotillas in Greece



Greece offers one of the widest selection of flotilla Holidays in the world. No Flotilla Holiday area in Greece is the same, they all offer their own unique charm and characteristic. For more information about flotilla sailing holidays in Greece, click here

Flotillas in Croatia



Croatia has transformed itself into the up and coming flotilla sailing holiday destination. You can choose to explore the ancient town of Dubrovnik, the UNESCO National Park of Kornati or the stunning archipelago off Split. Click here for Croatian Flotilla Holidays.


Flotillas in Turkey


Escape the Holiday hot spots and explore the old Turkey with a Flotilla Holiday. You can explore sunken cities in picturesque secluded bays or head to bustling market towns such as Marmaris with its famous Bazaars. For Turkey flotilla holiday details, Get in Touch.


The Lead Crew

As said before, every flotilla includes a lead crew. This crew always includes a skipper and an engineer. The skipper’s job is there to act as a guide with an extensive knowledge on where to visit and which taverna serves the best calamari. They also assist with mooring; reserving spaces and helping you moor our yacht. If you are struggling to moor then they often come on board and give helpful advice. The engineers are there to help repair anything that might be broken, from the sails to the toilets! Most flotillas also include a Hostess who organises social events and makes sure you are enjoying your holiday! Some flotillas also include a children’s activities coordinator. Their job is to organise games and activities for children, this gives the parents precious time alone to either relax on the boat and soak in the sun or to escape for a romantic walk along the shore, truly memorable.

Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Experience and Qualifications required

To charter a yacht on a flotilla sailing holiday you don’t need any qualifications in Turkey, you just need a week’s yacht sailing experience. In Greece and Croatia the laws have changed recently and you are required to hold an International Certificate of Competence (ICC), this is roughly equivalent to the RYA Day Skipper course. You can gain an ICC ticket either by doing a 1 day assessment if you’ve got experience. Alternatively ff you have your RYA Day Skipper Certificate then the RYA can issue an ICC license for you.

Flotilla holiday routes:

There are nearly 40 flotilla routes to choose from. They all offer their own unique characteristics. Some are designed for first time skippers with short passages and gentle winds. However for the more experienced sailors there are flotilla sailing holidays available with longer sailing legs and strong winds almost guaranteed.


Flotilla holiday Packages

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