Bareboat Charters

Bareboat Yacht CharterOne Stop Sailing works with almost more yachts than anybody else. When you add in not only Sunsail, Neilson and other large charter providers as well as the thousands of individual charter providers our database has over 10,000 yachts available to charter all over the world from the search engine below.

A yacht charter offers you total freedom and the chance to explore and enjoy areas of countries that are rarely seen, sometimes by other sailors let alone other Holidayists. If you have all the necessary qualifications then you can skipper a charter yacht yourself, however if not then do not fear as skippers are always available. Even if you do have the necessary qualifications then a skipper is often very handy. They can dramatically reduce the stress of sailing and mooring, leaving you to enjoy your sailing holiday. On top of this they can offer other services such as an acting Holiday guide, taking you to the best locations at sea and helping you find the best restaurants on land (or if you’re in Thailand they can help find the mystical floating restaurants).


Bareboat Charter Qualifications Required

Before you take a powerful yacht out by yourself you do need qualifications. These depend on where you are planning to charter your yacht from. In sheltered areas such as some parts of the med and inland lakes/rivers you might only need a Keelboat level 2 certificate or international Certificate of Competence. However most places, as well as ourselves, recommend you have a minimum of a Day Skipper qualification. Some, more remote or navigationally challenging destinations require a minimum of a Yacht Master certificate and Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate if you plan to cross an ocean!