Designed for anybody either looking to start a career in sailing or simply wanting to gain the esteemed accolade of Yachtmaster Offshore in a small amount of time and whether you’re 18 and looking for an alternative to University or you’re simply looking to escape the desk job and seek a new career at sea. It is also ideal for gap years and for those who simply want to get their Yachtmaster certificate, sailings most prestigious qualifications.

The Yachtmaster Fast Track Course (also known as Yachtmaster Intensive) has grown in popularity over the past decade. In a space of just 14 weeks you can go from a complete novice, having never set foot on a yacht before, to a qualified Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster with the skills and abilities to skipper yachts up to 120 miles offshore.

If you don’t have time to do 12 weeks in a row you can do it over several months or even years. Most of our partners offer group modules, this allows you to also join the course at the level too which you are already at. So if you’ve already got your Day Skipper Practical qualification then you don’t need to re do it. However we always recommend redoing courses, it’s vital experience and will be a great confidence builder for your exam.

What Qualifications will you get through Fast Track Yachtmaster Course?

Most bases offer the following qualifications with your course, however some might choose to skip a course:

:: Competent Crew

:: Day skipper theory

:: Day Skipper Practical (tidal)

:: Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster theory

:: Coastal Skipper Practical (tidal)

:: Yachtmaster Coastal

:: Yachtmaster Offshore

:: RYA First Aid

:: RYA Sea Survival

:: DSC Short Range Radio License

Alongside the above courses and qualifications some centres add more courses such as RYA Diesel maintenance and RYA Radar as well as non RYA courses giving experience in maintenance areas including sail repair, rigging and winch operations. More of our partners are starting off their fast track courses with a weeks dinghy, keelboat or/and powerboat experience. This gives you wind awareness and vital experience of sail trim, something many people over look when they do their Fast Track course.

Many of our partners also offer you your Powerboat Level 2 and other vital courses that will help you get work after completing the course. It’s also a lot of fun playing around in a RIB!

Where can I do the course?

Contrary to popular belief you can do your Fast track course all over the world and not just in the UK. In many ways the question is what do you want to get out of this course? Each place has their own appeals and below we’ve summarised our advice for each place.

The strong tides and un predictable weather will be a challenge, but it will prepare you well for the future if you’re looking to work professionally within sailing.

This British Colony sits at the entrance to the Mediterranean with Africa just a couple of miles across the strait. Gibraltar offers sunny and warm weather as well as some spectacular coastline to explore. With a warmer climate it’s a great place if you’re looking for a bit of warmth, yet want some with easy links back to the UK.

Without doubt the most ideal year round place for your Fast Track Yachtmaster course. Plenty of sun, heat, wind and a nice tide all make it a great place to do your Yachtmaster.

Thailand and Malaysia
If you’re looking to mix exotic travelling with gaining your qualifications then look no further. This is a fantastic course where you will visit Malaysia and Thailand including the Phuket and it’s world famous lime stone stacks that have appeared in dozens of movies including The Beach and James Bond. However it is a bit of a trek to get back to the UK!

If I already have some experience can I skip a couple of courses?

Many of our schools are happy for you to join in at the level to which you’re already at. So if you’ve already done your competent crew, day skipper course or at a similiar level then you can skip those courses.

Do I have to do it in 14 weeks straight or can I do it in stages/modules?

Many of our great partners run their Yachtmaster Fast Track courses in modules. This not only means that you can join at the level you feel comfortable at, but you can also do the course over several months and even several years.

Most modules are set out in 4 to 5 week periods:

Module 1 – Competent Crew to Day Skipper
Module 2 – Day Skipper to Coastal Skipper
Module 3 – Coastal Skipper to Yachtmaster exam
Module 4 (optional but recommended) – Cruising Instructor course

Within each module you will cover the necessary theory courses and the individual day courses needed to work as a Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster. You will also gain the full 2,500 miles as well as all qualifying passages needed.

Doing modules allows you to do your Yachtmaster course over a period of months and even years. Modules don’t have to be completed consecutively.

Flexible Fast Track Courses:
We have started to create these unique packages, tailored to each individual person. They are highly flexible and allow you to not only choose where to do your training but also when. Uniquely these flexible courses allow you to train while working by doing all your courses, qualifying passages and mile building over a period of weekends and through your holidays.

As One Stop Sailing works with so many worldwide sailing schools you can choose from a range of schools not just in the UK but from around the World. One week you can be the Canaries, the next week you could be in Thailand and while you’re there how about heading down to Australia? If you want to do some travelling then this is the best option for you. It’s also perfect for anybody looking to pass keep the security of work before diving into the world of sailing.

Can I do a Yachtmaster fast track course as part of a race or adventure?

The Fastnet race, round Britain race and crossing the Atlantic are three of the most iconic sailing events and trips in the world. Through our Flexible course packages you can either do one of these cruises or races onto the end of or as part of your Fast track Yachtmaster course. For more information about this add on the please see our specific example packages or get in touch with us.

Are there any suggested add on courses?

The Yachtmaster fast track course is the basic qualification needed to work in the Sailing industry. You can improve your working potential by gaining more qualifications such as:

Cruising Instructors Certificate:
This enables you to work as a sailing instructor, one of the most reliable forms of employment in sailing. The purpose of this course is to turn you from a sailor into an instructor. Explaining what you’re doing and why you’re doing it is not natural to everybody and this course will give you a few hints and tips.

Ocean Yachtmaster Certificate
The Yachtmaster course enables you to skipper a yacht up to 60nm offshore, but with your Ocean certificate your skippering ground is endless.

The STCW95 is an MCA course and goes deeper into fire fighting, sea survival and first aid as well as roles and responsibilities. It is not a requirement for smaller UK registered yachts. However to work on larger supper yachts the STCW 95 is required.

Can One Stop Sailing help me find a job?

We work closely with hundreds of companies and can supply contacts for a wide range of work from super yachts and flotillas and deliveries on yachts to power catamarans servicing wind turbines.

Why Should I book my Yachtmaster Fast Track Course through One Stop Sailing?

We are an independent agent and represent some of the best RYA sailing schools in the world, all of whom are hand picked for their excellent teaching and other bonus’s.

Our highly experienced team have all worked within the sailing industry and are here to offer their advice. We have worked on a wide range of yachts and boats, from Cruising Instructing in Scotland to tall ships around Europe and are still active race skippers in the Solent.