Since 2012 there has been a big shift in qualification requirement to charter a yachts. No longer can you survive on just previous experience. Pretty much all the major destinations around the world (including Greece Turkey and Croatia)require you to hold a qualification to at least the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) level, which is equivalent to RYA Day Skipper.

To gain the ICC certificate you can either send your RYA Day Skipper certificate to the RYA who will issue you with an ICC certificate or you can do a 1 day Assessment. These assessments are designed for you just to demonstrate you can competently and safely operate a yacht under power and sail. This will involve a few little tests such as mooring and man overboard as well as sail setting. You will be required to answer a few basic questions on navigation and rules of the road. If you feel a little rusty then there are 1 and 2 day refresher courses available. for more information please get in touch.

Qualifications are a legal requirement now in the main three destinations (Greece, Turkey and Croatia). Do not be duped by a charter organisation saying otherwise or by finding a way round it. This could be illegal and we are aware of port authorities requesting certification.

Many locations also request you hold your VHF license. This is a day course and can be taken all over the country and abroad.