If you’re off on a sailing course and want to get ahead by learning some basic boat parts then read the pictogram below:


[image url=””]http://www.onestopsailing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/PartsoftheBoat.jpg[/image]

Bow – Front of the boat (pointy end)

Stern/Aft/Transom – Back of the boat (blunt end)

Hull – the actual body of the boat

Keel – The big bit of lead handing centrally below the boat, it’s there to keep the boat sailing in a straightline and upright.

Port – Left hand side as you look at the bow (see above). To remember the difference we find this is easy: There’s no Port LEFT in the bottle.

Starboard – right hand side as you look at the bow.

Mast – That tall sticky up bit.

Boom – The big thing that’s always at head height and you have to duck under. Keep away from it.

Shrouds – they’re the metal wire on the side that keep the mast up.

Forestay – the metal wire on the bow that also helping keep the mast up.

Backstay – the final bit of wire at the stern that keeps the mast up.

Main sail – It’s the big flappy thing that’s also the main power of the boat.

Jib/Genoa/Headsail – the flappy sail at the front

Spinnaker – that bright colourful sail at the front.