Below is a packing guide for a flotilla or bareboat sailing holiday. It is only meant to be a guide, you should give much consideration to when and where you’re travelling to. Turkey in August is very different to Scotland in February for example. It also varies on what you are doing and who with. In the canaries the sailing courses include blankets, which are more than sufficient, whereas the sailing schools in the UK don’t provide anything so a sleeping bag is required. If you feel we’re really missing something then please don’t hesitate to let us know:


[title size=”small”]Paperwork[/title]

Travel documents where applicable


Sailing certificates

Local currency

Travel insurance documentation

Debit/credit card

Medication – any required


[title size=”small”]Clothes[/title]



Long trousers

Long shirt/jumper

Jacket for those potentially chilly evenings

Soft souled shoes to wear on the yacht

Sailing boots/willies – if heading some where wet and cold.

Swim wear

Beach towel (most places supply towels but call us to check.)

Wet Weather kit is very dependent upon when and where you’re travelling to. But it’s always safest to be prepared!


[title size=”small”]Toiletries[/title]

Tooth paste and brushes

Shampoo and conditioner

Sun Cream

Insect repellent

Lip Balm

Sea Sickness tablets (if required)


[title size=”small”]Optional[/title]

Camera with spare batteries

Books/Kindle with charger

iPod/MP3 player

GPS with charger

Torch plus spare battery

Personal Log Book

Travel Pillow

Sleeping bag (this is only really required at a handful of sailing schools)