Corporate Sailing Events

Sailing is a very effective, flexible, dynamic and cost effective tool that can be tailored to your requirements. You can use a sailing trip for corporate hospitality, teambuilding, employee moral building or networking. Every year more and more companies are discovering the benefits of corporate sailing days, so why don’t you join them? Below is a brief over view of each area sailing can bring benefits for you and your company:

Team Building – These trips are specifically designed to help improve a team’s efficiency. Sailing has long been a popular teambuilding activity involving everybody on the boat and helping to break down barriers.

Regattas – Whether it’s serious or friendly, a regatta will not only provide plenty of fun but is also a great team building activity for every-body involved. It can be run as a multiday event to provide more networking opportunities.

Entertainment – If you’re looking to impress a potential client, clinch a contract or you want to reward your employees we have a database full of companies willing to whisk you away for an unforgettable day at sea.


Team Building

Team Building Events

We can help you create, strengthen, develop and ultimately transform your team, whether it’s an established, merged or entirely new group of people. Team building is a valuable tool for any business, big or small and will improve your teams efficiency, it is an investment you should be making if you want to push your company further and achieve your teams true potential.

Our tailored team building packages can either be bold and brash team building events, or they could be suitable ones, such as corporate regattas where everybody learns to work together through the act of sailing. With all of our trips we will talk to you and in cases of large events potentially meet face to face to discuss what you are specifically looking to get out of the session on the water.


Benefits of Team Building

Sailing has long been regarded as one of the most effective and efficient platforms for team building. A team building day, weekend or week on board a yacht can help focus on a range of key issues including:

• Communication skills
• Problem solving
• Decision making
• Leadership
• Process efficiency
• Bolster confidence
• Team work with a range of personnel
• Breaking down and overcoming barriers
• Hidden potentials of employees
• Team moral
• Networking

Example Itinerary

0830 – Arrive at the marina/harbour to be greeted by our team and a quick breakfast for everybody
0900 – Commence shore discussion involving goals and aims for the days activities
1000 – Depart the berth and set sail into the Solent and put into practise some of the items as discussed at the morning briefing
1200 – Start of a short race, used to put the mornings exercise into practise and to set bench mark.
1230 – Drop anchor for lunch and review the mornings sailing
1300 – Weigh Anchor and prepare to race
1330 – Commence short races
1530 – Sail for port and discuss the days activities in groups
1630 – Commence de brief and discussions of things learnt through the day
1730 – Depart the base after a hopefully successful and beneficial day


Number of persons we can cater for:

We can design a team building day for as few as 4 people and for over 400

Where we operate:
For sailing team building events in the UK we always suggest operating in the Solent. This protected section of water is less than 90 minutes from London and offers perfect conditions. However One Stop Sailing Corporate events don’t just offer team building trips in the Solent, but also abroad with bases Europe, North America and Asia.

Corporate Regattas

Corporate Regattas

Corporate regattas can take many forms and can range dramatically from small 2 boat afternoon races to large organised competitive regattas with over 80 yachts racing over 2 or 3 days.

One Stop Sailing is one of the largest corporate sailing organisers in the UK. We have access to over 100 yachts in the UK, including 3 fleets of near identical yachts. With so many yachts we can tailor a package to your specific needs, requirements and requests. We can also organise additional features such as celebratory and key note speakers and evening meals in some amazing locations such as Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

To give you an idea of what a Corporate Regatta can involve then below we have a brief schedule outline a normal regatta. At the bottom of the page you can find out information about specific example packages that we’ve put together.

Example Itinerary

0830 – Arrive at the marina/harbour to be greeted by our team and a quick breakfast for everybody
0900 – Over a cup of coffee your skipper will give you a sailing briefing and further details of the days activities
1000 – Depart the berth and set sail into the Solent and commence race training
1200 – Start of a 1st race
1245 – Heave to for lunch and review the mornings sailing
1315 – Lunch away and prepare to race
1330 – Start of race 2
1430 – Start or race 3
1530 – Sail for port and discuss the days activities on your way back in
1630 – Prize giving ceremony
1730 – Depart the base after a great days sailing

Networking Days

Networking Sailing events

After a short burst of excursion, sailing offers plenty of time for mingling in a new and often alien environment. Sailing is one of the greatest forms of Networking for any business.

Over the last couple of years sailing has started to boom in popularity among many corporations as a form of networking and building links between individuals and suppliers or customers who may deal with each other on a regular basis but never meet face to face.

This is a chance to get rid of the barriers and labels brought on by work clothing that you get at most corporate networking events and take people into an often alien environment. Here they can talk, mingle and form business relationships that you can use further down the line to improve the efficiency of the respective organisations.


With over 7,500 yachts available all over the world we can cater for any budget, whether you’re looking for a couple of keelboats for a relaxed evening or Maxi round the world racing yacht with your own personal hostess and catering team.

Hospitality at Events

Hospitality at Sailing Events

You can choose to either follow the racing from a powerboat or sailing yacht, or if you’re feeling inspired then why not get involved and enter the racing? We can cater for a range of budget with access to hundreds of handpicked yachts all over the world.